The brief was to create a niche heirloom vegetable brand from scratch for Australia's largest supermarket chain. In a cluttered environment and on a low budget, we needed to stand out.
The odd-looking nature of the vegetables was the inspiration behind the Hatters name and identity.
We developed characters for each of the vegetables then produced product tags, posters and a website. We even made buisiness cards and POS 'Magic Tickets' printed on hand made seed impregnated paper. Recipies were developed in partnership with a leading Australian chef, then published in field guide-styled recipe books. 
In the first week alone, over 40,000 Hatters vegetables were sold, totalling more than half a million dollars. This surpassed any equivalent premium product launch across Coles supermarkets. And with less than $5000 spent on PR, we managed to reach over 9.2 million people.
Case Study Video
Character Posters
Field Guide Recipe Book
Seed Impregnated Magic Ticket. Just plant one and herbs will sprout.
Seed Impregnated Business Cards
Digital Experience
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